Products That Entertain and Educate

Talking Tails produces educational games and applications with a fresh style in delivering entertainment while learning. Speech pathologists, teachers and parents can observe increased improvement in their childrens' speech and language skills as the result of using therapy tools that keep their childrens' attention.

The Customer Advantage

All Talking Tails articulation games and applications share word lists, giving you substantial savings compared to other options elsewhere. Each word list that you purchase for ANY game can be used in ANY future word-list game produced by Talking Tails! You can register for our mailing list to get informed when new apps are released. For frequently asked questions regarding our applications, including troubles, please visit our F.A.Q page.

Featured Applications

Tic-Tac-Talk speech therapy game
Say It Again! speech therapy game
Say It Again!
Speech Squares speech therapy game
Speech Squares
Speech Hangman speech therapy game
Speech Hangman

Puzzle Talk speech therapy game
Puzzle Talk